August is known for so many things...the last days of summer, the noticeably shorter days, back to school shopping, the first glimpse of autumn foliage and the transition into fall.  And while I absolutely adore everything there is to love about summer, fall is by far my favorite season.  I'd guess that's why I've gotten (more than a bit of) a buzz once late summer rolls around.  Well, that time is now transitional looks are on my mind.  Although it may still be a bit warm for fall fabrics, it's definitely not too soon to break out those autumn hues.  Like I mention in this post earlier this week, olive and mauve tones are hot on the horizon and I'm definitely loving that.  Another favorite color family for me come this time is rust, cream and rose complemented by shades of denim and gray.  To me these colors embrace the wonderful warmth and spice that the season so perfectly juxtaposes with   shades of clouds and gray.  Madewell currently featuring everything you see here with this dress and these sandals currently on sale. sure to know that if you are a student or a teacher you'll receive 15%of your purchase when you flash them you ID.  Now those are some excellent reasons for getting giddy about the new season.  Hope you're having a beautiful Wednesday everyone!