Have you ever just looked at someone with the most gorgeous complexion and thought to yourself, "Oh, that glow."?  Even if you're not as skin obsessed as me you've likely noticed that certain girls just get that glow.  Maybe you've even wondered if there are any tricks to it.  In a word, yes, there most definitely are.  Today I'm sharing my secrets for that lit from within look.  The very thing that makes that look attainable for us all is also what makes it so mystifying to some (but so intriguing to us skin care junkies), that being....the ever changing world of skincare.  While it's true that the basics of chemistry, the core elements of skin's composure and its reaction to ingredients do not necessarily change, skin care companies and their product's approach to skin's needs is constantly evolving.  Because of that,  so must the skin care regime we faithfully employ.  

So with that said I want to tell you that I am in love with the brands featured above and their current approaches to preserving and protecting your skin.  From the original Japanese beauty brand to my current favorite, Tatcha, the movement widely known as K-Beauty is quickly taking over the beauty industry.  Honestly, I cannot say I'm surprised.  Their part holistic, part science-based approach to elegant and effective skin care dates back to the days of the Geisha and provides results worthy of these ancient beauties.  I love how their multistep approach allows for your skincare regime to become an ultra-effective pampering ritual that both you and your skin look forward to.  The results proudly speak for themselves.  I also have a few other favorite items outside of this line that compliment the routine beautifully.  One would be using an acid your skin can tolerate while still allowing it to get its job done (that being to effectively exfoliate old, rough, dead skin cells).  I love both this one by Sunday Riley and this retinol option from The Ordinary.  They are a somewhat less well-known brand that delivers high dollar results for well under the $20 mark.  Incredible and a definite must-try.  

A few other favorites include a truly great vitamin c product to brighten (using and loving this one), a skin hydrating mask and lush skin quencher that both hydrates and nourishes while it plumps.  What about you? What are some of your current skin care routine loves?  I always love reading your messages and hearing about your must-haves too!  You can shop the post in the links below...Have a great Wednesday everyone!