Hello and happy Wednesday!  I've recently received many requests for the best beauty buys at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Nothing could make me happier of course as beauty is one of my favorite departments and always so much fun got shop.  Today I'm answering that with this post featuring my top picks in beauty all on sale now at the Nord's bonanza.  One great place to start with beauty (even if you're not into lotions, potions and age-reversing devices) is with this anti-aging pure silk pillowcase.  We all sleep so might as well make it work for you.  The smooth silk fibers are super easy on your hair and keep you from the perils of bedhead and split ends.  They also leave you without any pillow wrinkles when you awake (that alone is worth the price of admission, ha!).  Most importantly to me, these pillowcases are far less absorbent than the standard cotton version so they won't drink up all your luscious night cream because that is your face's job!  That said, get the cases and you'll thank me in the morning :).  I'm also a huge fan of at home devices that care for your skin and take years off your face.  With the amount of growth and development the beauty industry has seen in recent years, these hand held treatments can pretty much give you the kind of results that were once only available by appointment and doing it for a fraction of the cost.  My personal favorite is the   NuFace.  This micro-current device works the muscles on your face while stimulating the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is essentially energy for your cells.  From there comes the much craved increase in firmness, tissue repair and circulation all of which equal a youthful, gorgeous radiant glow!  It's currently more than $100 off as long as the sale (and supplies) last.  I say give it a try your skin will thank me in the months to come.  Lastly, this handheld hero has been a part of my daily routine since last year's Nsale and I can tell you my complexion has never been this clear, toned and well-cared for.  The Foreo LUNA 2 has made such a difference in my skin and how gently cleansed it is.  Great skin begins with a clean canvas and this device gets rid of dirt, debris and pore-clogging potentials without disturbing the skin's surface or causing micros coping tears in the dermis.  Needless to say...I love it!  

I could go on for days about every item I adore and why but that would take a while, haha.  So I figured you know your skin and beauty needs best and can have fun checking out all the items I've linked for you below.  I hope you're enjoying this incredible sale as much as I am.  Here's to a lovely day of beauty!