One of my favorite currently trending looks is the off-the-shoulder moment.  From cute white eyelet versions paired with denim bottoms to full-on date night dresses, this look is probably (ok definitely) my favorite for summer.  To me, it's truly a flattering look on everyone because honestly, who doesn't like their shoulders? Haha...but really, it's true.  Another huge selling point is that this look can carry nearly any pattern, fabric or style it wants to.  Casual, off-duty vibes are written all over this one.  Its soft, comfy feel says downtime and I love the side-tie detailing.  This polka-dot option is whimsical and flirty and possibly the perfect pick for summer.  Lastly, this bow-detailed version is one I've reached for on date night and felt that it was the exact complement to his gentlemanly look.  With so many incredible takes on this style, the options for how and where to take it are gloriously never-ending.  Those I've linked above are all under $50 and just in case you've been bitten by the shoulder-baring bug, here are more looks to shop or just happily peruse.  Have a wonderful Monday everyone!