Happy Monday!  I hope everyone enjoyed the April holidays...I know I did.  The weather was beautiful and the time with family and friends was just perfect.  Now for something equally enjoyable...I've put together some of my favorite spring-ready pieces that work effortlessly together as well as with other items you already own.  In fact, that's a little wardrobe rule I live by.  If a new item is going to make its way into my closet, then I have to be able to wear it three ways.  You'd be amazed how much more mileage this affords you and how many pieces can do this so very well.  Today's picks are influenced by a festival feel and a bit of a tomboy vibe.  Everything you see can be found at Madewell.  I first found this store via its sister shop, J. Crew.  Since then they've really come into their own with looks and a feel that's uniquely their own.  While shopping there this weekend for jeans (I bought this, this and this pair) I also discovered a great little tidbit.  Bring your old jeans into your local Madewell store and receive $20 off your next pair for every pair you donate.  Your previously loved pairs (any brand, any style) will be turned into housing insulation for communities and need.  How great is that?  You can find out more about the Madewell Denim Exchange program here as well as see more looks like these.  Shop my picks below and if you're in the mood to add some blue jeans to your spring closet don't forget to donate your oldies and cash in.  Thanks so much for reading....Enjoy!