Hello beautiful!  Nothing makes me happier than feeling great and looking better expect maybe for helping others do the same.  On that note, today I am sharing with you all some of my latest hair and beauty favorites along with a few tried and true must-haves.  Never one to settle where I am, I'm forever researching and discovering what's new, what's next, what's better and what's best.  That is what ultimately leads to the discovery of what my hair and skin truly adore the most.  When it comes to nightly repair that works hard while I sleep, this little bottle holds all the magic.  Nerium AD wears like a mask and works like the night cream you've always dreamed of but had never found, until now.    While it's hard to come by, you can find it here.  Before treating yourself to its magic, try swiping on one of these treatment pads to whisk away dead skin cells and allow your night cream to do its job.  I'm also loving what's new in haircare and this shampoo will leave your lightened locks glossy and glistening while feeling soft and acting bouncy.  It's intended for men but shhhh, don't tell.  Afterwards, a spritz of this hair perfume will leave your senses in seventh heaven and you on cloud nine.  I've linked my other current favorites for you below as well as few additional loves.  Let me know which ones you're loving too.  Have a beautiful Wednesday!