Friday is here and so is a long weekend for many of us.  February vacations usually mean one of two things...resort wear vacay or ski trip getaway.  For me the cold weather fun is what I'm focusing on here today.  I remember one time an old boyfriend asked me to going skiing with him and aside from the typical "How do I keep from breaking a leg?" I also thought, "Oh gosh, what do I wear?" Haha.  Seriously though, while I can craft any outfit for any occasion you can dish up, figuring out how to stay warm, be functional and still look cute on the slopes was seemingly going to be a challenge.  Since that time I've come to find that there are so many chic and stylish ways to do it.  One incredibly amazing site I've fallen in love with is Gorsuch.  Their website is filled with piece after piece of gorgeous skiwear.  Another favorite spot I love is Bogner.  The options are endless and there's definitely something to suit everyone's style.  Some other nice options can be found at The North Face, Canada Goose and Moncler.  See what else catches your eye via the links below.  Happy weekend!


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