Friday is here and so are my January favorites I'm super excited to share with you!  It's a brand new year which means a clean slate and fresh start especially when it comes to discovering the many wonderful things that brighten the day and make you smile a little bigger.  Some of the picks I've chosen are wonderful new discoveries I'm so happy to have found.  Others are ones I've come to love and would really never want to be without.  This hydrating face primer is the latest player in my morning beauty rotation.  While I've been fond of certain iconic primers in the past, this one blows them all away. Poof...gone!  It does just what the name implies, hydrates, smooths, perfects and provides the absolute ideal canvas for your makeup of choice.  Or...just leave skin bare.  Yes, it's that good.  I'm also loving this hair care line.  I've tried several of their products and each has done everything it promised to do and then some.  While it is a little bit pricy, I can say it's definitely worth the investment.  I'm especially enjoying this shampoo and this styler.  Whenever I feel like my skin needs a quick boost, nothing works the wonders that a good sheet mask can do.  This brightening mask will leave your face feeling soft, supple, refreshed and looking bright and happy.  At under $10, that's a spa day for the cost of a mere Starbucks run.  Last but never least is this luscious body wash that doubles as a bubble bath too.  Creamy, sweet and dreamy, it's just what you're looking for when you're wanting to relax.  Speaking of that, I hope the weekend finds you looking forward to all your favorite ways to unwind and enjoy the moment.  I've linked all my favorites below for you to click through in your free time.  I'd love to know your favorites too!  Bon weekend!!

x ~ K