With summer at a close and everyone gearing up for fall, now is a perfect time to refresh your beauty routine and reassess your skincare needs.  Cooler temperatures and drier air means both hair and skin will be requiring more moisture than in recent months.  This is really fine with me as I love any chance to pamper and protect my complexion and tresses.  This overnight treatment is one I can't wait to try this season.  With amino acids, antioxidants and time-released conditioners, the results you'll see are that of shinier, nourished, more manageable hair.  Who couldn't love that?  And, for skin that loves you back and then some, those of you who have been reading for a while know that I am beyond grateful to have discovered the Nerium line.  This night cream has literally transformed my face.  From your biggest problem that you struggle with (lines, wrinkles, texture and blemishes) to those you didn't even realize you had (loss of firmness, elasticity, sagging and unevenness in tone) this bottle is your one stop solution (which is something I firmly didn't believe in until I finally tried it).  The skin on our body is also ready for some TLC.  If you found yourself reaching for cover during those pool and beach days this summer then you won't want to miss adding this tube to your post-shower routine.  Filled with the patented NAE-8, green tea leaf extract, white willow bark, shea and cocoa butters, this firming body contour cream smooths dimpled skin and lifts sagging spots better than a great push-up bra.  Some other beauty must-haves I'm scooping up for fall are these gummy vitamins, this luscious mousse and the latest in delicious chocolates from Bobbi Brown.  I can't wait! Yes, fall is my favorite season for so many reasons and these beauty blockbusters are definitely on the list.  Hope you're all having a gorgeous day!

~ K