So I'm sure it's no surprise for me to tell you...I have a little bit of a beauty obsession.  With little being a relative term, haha.  I can't say it's bad thing.  In fact, many beautiful things have evolved out of my love of beauty.  Outward beauty is a reflection of beauty on the inside.  The joy of a smile, that happiness in your eyes and that sense of centered confidence that exudes from each of us when we're feeling good is something so precious that money can't buy.  We can, however, pick and choose products and tools that will truly give us whatever it is we're in search of in a beauty promise.  The key words being pick and choose.  If you go into it blindly or are not fully informed when it comes to making the proper beauty choices, you could come away both disappointed and feeling burned.  Believe me, I know.  Beauty products are not inexpensive and should be treated as an investment.  Much like a car or something for your life or home yet this is an investment in you.  Today I'm sharing some of my most favorite Beauty Loves that have proven themselves more than worthy of my money and my loyalty and my love.  My latest and greatest discovery is the skincare line Nerium.    With this I don't even know where to start.  While I was once a regular at the Shiseido, Dr. Dennis Gross and Peter Thomas Roth fan, no matter how regularly I used them I never saw the jaw dropping results that I have with this cream.  I'm seriously saying that what Louboutin's do for your legs this cream does for your skin minus any of the pain.  Tone, texture (aka tightened and smoothed skin), suppleness and glow are just the first of countless benefits this cream has given to my skin.  And it has done so in what comparatively is no time at all.  What the night cream has done for my face the eye serum has done for my eyes by literally removing the dark circles which were once too much for even the best of the best concealers.  Now my eyes are smooth, softened, bright and beautiful...none of which I would have ever believed if I hadn't seen it for myself.  If you want to learn more about these powerhouse products or know someone who would love to try them you can get more info here where you can also shop the Nerium line.  If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I'd be happy to tell you more about this easy way to say "Hello, gorgeous!".  You can also shop my other favorite beauty loves below.