I've been getting a lot of Qs lately about my lashes and what I do to get them that way.  Luckily for me they are one hundred percent natural but that doesn't mean I don't take good care of them by giving them lots of tlc.  No matter what type of lashes you have, there are some specific things you can do to keep them healthy as well as make them a bit more lush and longer looking too.  I've discovered that just like your hair, your lashes benefit from daily conditioning.  For me that involves taking my eye cream up around the orbital bone and then patting the extra into the lids and lashes as well as the eyebrows too.  Although skincare companies don't traditionally recommend this, I've found the my lashes, lids and brows all benefit from that little bit of extra hydration that this step provides.  Just be careful not to get any creams or hydrators into the eyes.  Ok, next come adding some curl.  I know for me that running a curling wand or beachcomber through my hair gives it an incredible increase in body and bounce.  The same goes for your lashes.  If there's one step we all must take it would be using an eyelash curler to create that youthful curve that lifts the lash line and instantly opens the eye up for that wide-eyed freshness we crave.  Then there is an equally important step that I take each day.  Even though I do have naturally long lashes this one makes all the difference and it is, using a lash primer.  Not only does priming lengthen and volumize my lashes it also further conditions each individual lash.  This does true wonders for preventing breakage and keeping lashes soft and supple along with promoting healthy growth.  My two favorite primers are this one  from It Cosmetics {Amazing! And it isn't white!} and this one from L'oreal. The final step is to swipe your favorite mascara {this one is mine - hands down} from lash line to tips and watch that fringe flutter!  So there they are.  The four easy steps to flash worthy fringe.  My favorite picks for the best products to help you get your own lovely lashes are linked above and shopable via the thumbnails below.  Hope you find some that you can't live without!