We had the first snowfall of the season this past weekend and although it was just a pretty dusting, it still was a great reminder of the fact that cold winds and dry heated rooms can have harsh effects on your hair and skin all season  With that in mind, I'm always searching for the current best ways to keep my skin hydrated and my hair silky soft.  These latest pretties are some of my favorite finds at the moment.  Skincare is a 24/7 job if you want yours to be looking its beautiful best.  Aside from proper nutrition and taking health-enhancing skin protecting supplements, your skincare routine is the most important element of getting your skin into condition and maintaining its glow.  Proper cleansing is a crucial step towards this and a tricky one as well.  Using a hydrating cleanser that cleanses without stripping my skin of its proper pH balance is always a big concern.  During the winter months this is even more important.  My favorite way to do so is with this pure and simple face wash from philosophy.  Before becoming a devoté of this miracle wash, my face would always feel two sizes too small after washing.  Now, after using it and my Clarisonic together, my skin is soft, supple, hydrated and effortlessly clean.  I recently discovered this post-wash deep-clean mask to use once a week to increase skin radiance and detoxify skin's underlying layers.  We all know how sweaters and moisture-starved air can leave your hair standing on end.  A really soothing conditioner cannot be left out of one's hair washing routine.  This high gloss conditioner from GLOSS leaves my hair soft and silky, super manageable and mega shiny.  Everything winter hair craves.  Lastly, our lips and hands so often brave the elements unprotected.  This hand cream will leave you wondering how you ever got on without it!  Lips too need some love to stay kissably soft.  My favorite way to do it is with Fresh Sugar's lip balm.  So lip nourishing and so pretty while doing so!  

 If your skin and hair are feeling the winter blues, give some of these beauty savers a try.  Wishing you all a wonderful Monday! xx