There's something just so fabulous about the mod makeup look adorned by the decades icons that makes it still relevant today.  Bold eyes, nude lips, barley there blush and lots of fringe are the hallmarks of this quintessential look.  You might recall, I'm feeling extra inspired this week by all things vintage glam and this look and how to get it are high on my list.  To duplicate the sexy Bridget Bardot cat eye look and make it modern day ready, start with a great lid primer.  This one is perfection and trust me, your look will last all day and night.  Gently sweep a light shell or ivory based lid color over the entire lid.  I love this color by Bobbi Brown and the matte effect it gives.  Next, carefully line your upper lid with an easy to use felt tipped marker.  Stila makes a great waterproof version.  Blackest of the black is a must for the look.  A beautiful canvas is a major key to the look.  I love this foundation for its perfect soft, dewy look and the way it lasts and lasts.  A sweet swipe of sheer blush on the apples of the cheeks gives balance to the eyes and lips.  Make your pout perfect with an ultra-feminine lip color like this romantic pink.  Finish with some big bangs and lush locks and your a sixties siren.  Hope you're all having a wonderful week!


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