Happy Monday! What better way to start a new week than with a little beauty inspiration?  Nothing inspires me quite like a gorgeous mane of lush hair.  From models to fashion and beauty bloggers, these are some of most beautiful manes around.  No matter whether your locks are long and lovely or short and chic, there are some amazing products that'll make the most of what you have.  One of my favorite hair care lines is Oribe.  There's nothing in the collection that I don't like!  This volumizing mist is incredible for giving my hair body and movement.  High shine is also key and this superfine spray mist  gives just the right amount of glisten.  Try using a spritz before you use your straightener and get ready to be dazzled.  This flexible finishing spray is the perfect last step.  Its gives your blowout memory and hold and leaves you looking incredible all day long and even on into the next. 

Have a beautiful Monday loves!

Photo credits: neginmirsalehi.com thesweetestthingblog.com margoandme.com beautyhigh.com