Happy Monday! While I've fallen in love with many things before, the classic look of a smokey eye and the nude lip is still one of them.  There's something so alluring about the contrast this look carries.  The vixen meets ingenue effect doesn't hurt either.  So, let's talk about the easiest and prettiest ways to get the look yourself.  For starters, choose an eye palette created for your skin tone, whether that be warm or cool.  Although they are neutrals, it's still a must to find the shades that will complement your skins undertones. Cool skin tones generally look better in pinks and blue-based reds while warmer ones are flattered by corals, browns and cream colors.   I always reach for this palette because it is so flattering to my skin tone and all the shades work and blend beautifully together.  You can also find it in warm shades if that is what you need.  The nude lip is a look that once you master it, you'll never tire of it.  To keep yourself from looking washed out, again it's your skin tone that holds all the cards.  Lighter pinks like this one here give cool skin tones an ethereal glow while warmer ones are subtly set aglow by peachy beige shades.  I'm loving this one from ysl and these gorgeous colors too.  Be sure to exfoliate regularly (this little tub is amazing!) and get cheeky with your lip balm.  It's everything to your lips, that moisturizer is to your face.  

Here's to a beautiful start to the week!

Photo credits: imgur.com  beautyhigh.com shop.nordstrom.com charlottetibury.com