As much as I loved sporting my sassy and chic bob, I realize my heart belongs to those long and lush locks.  Yes, I'm craving that long and loose wavy style now and am so excited to go back there. These looks are some of my favorites and they provide the perfect bit of inspo right now.  With that I'm on the road to growing my hair to that crowning glory length I've always adored.  Whether growing out an older cut or enjoying your fresh crop, it's always important to keep your tresses into tip top shape.  This dryer is one of my favorites, perfect for all those days in between professional blowouts. I always start with the heat protection of a good shine boosting oil.  The soft and silky difference it makes on my hair is amazing.  More length means greater versatility.  Long, loose waves are easy with the perfect curling wand.  It gives my hair the perfect amount of bend and bounce.  Also love this one too.  Keeping hair healthy is a must no matter the length.  At least once a week, I like to treat myself to my favorite conditioner wrapped up in a hot towel.  

Hope your Monday is merry and bright….Merry almost Christmas!!

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