When it comes to wintertime styling, some things are simply classic pairings.  My favorite is the iconic combo of gingham and pearls.  From casual Saturday to demurely dressed up Sundays, this is always a perfect choice.  Personally, I love a great gingham blouse paired with a classic pearl bundled necklace and a glam faux fur vest.  Layered perfection.  Your favorite checkered topper layered under a cozy sweater is another great way to go.  Playfully cuffed sleeves allow for some adorable arm candy to sparkle and shine (this watch and these bracelets here and here - on sale! are a few of my favorites).  Mix and match color accents pull the look together while really making it pop.  This berry shade clutch is just right for doing that.  After all, who doesn't have a bit of a color crush?

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday and enjoy these chic ways to stay cozy!

Photo credits: firstsightfashion.blogspot.com southerncurlsandpearls.com