Happy Monday everyone!  We all know that Mondays can sometimes be daunting {especially in the summertime!}.  My feelings on that are, if you make it pretty you make it fun.  A well-dressed desk is just like a well-dressed you.  Something to admire and something that inspires.  So even if your inbox is in overflow and you need it done yesterday, these desktop do-it alls will keep you smiling while providing the perfect pick-me up.  

I know for me, organization is everything.  Everything.  My favorite way to keep little odds and ends at my fingertips is with this acrylic desk organizer.  I'm on a huge acrylic and lucite kick, be fairly warned.  A great little counterpart to that is this adorable monogrammed pencil cup.  I just ordered mine from White Elephant Designs and just adore it.  Lucite boxes are also a wonderful way to keep must-have items at the ready while cleanly out of sight.  With organization well in hand, I love getting down to the pretty side of business.  This gorgeous desk calendar will keep you up to date.  Just thought of a brilliant idea?  Jot them all down on lovely little novelty notepads like these or these.  Finally, there's nothing like the deliciousness of your favorite workday beverage.    They taste even more amazing when being sipped out of a lovely little mug like this.  Be on the lookout for healthy drink recipes coming up in a future post!

Hope your week is off to a brilliant start…Thanks for stopping by!