Happy Tuesday, ladies!  I hope you all enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend and are more ready than ever to begin summer.  I know I am!   With that as a certainty, what better way to start the sunshine season is there than with a beautiful complexion?  Summer's sultry days often lend themselves to a much more carefree schedule, warmer temps and the desire to wear less makeup.  That's one reason why I'm so excited to feature Nerium AD.  If you're looking for an easy and effective summer skincare routine that will have you bare skin ready and armed against the effects of aging, read on as guest blogger and Nerium consultant,  Rebecca Kren introduces us to what just may be preserved youth in a bottle…

  Both Men and Woman want to look and feel good.  Many will do anything they can to look younger and preserve the benefits that come with youthful looking skin.  I was no exception.  I wanted my skin to look and feel 10 years younger and complement the healthy lifestyle that I worked so hard to maintain.  Sound familiar?  Fortunately for me and many of the people in my life, I found an answer!  
  About a year ago, I bumped into a new and cutting edge product called NeriumAD that has literally done amazing things for my skin and lifestyle.  Like many people, I had tried countless numbers of similar products that provided mediocre results at best, but did a fantastic job at draining my wallet!  However when I used Nerium for the first time, I immediately fell in love with it and knew that I had found something special.  Nerium has changed my skin texture and erased wrinkles that I didn't even realize I had!  I was amazed at the responses I received from my family and friends after just 3 short weeks of using the product.  One of my friends even asked me if I had had work done on my face!  Nerium is more then just a skin care cream, it truly is a blessing to everyone that uses it.

  Many people ask me whether NeriumAD is for them.  Truth is, Yes!  It is an incredible anti-aging cream that addresses multiple concerns that most of us have; Fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, and aging or sun-damage skin.  It is a nature based product with no harsh ingredients, non comedogenic and safe for all skin types.  Interesting fact...one of the main active ingredients in NeriumAD is a proprietary extract from the Nerium Oleander plant which was accidently discovered while seeking out cancer treatments!  

  Take a few minutes and check out the following link for more information and stories....

Thanks Rebecca for the great info!  I can't wait to learn more at Nerium.com where more beautiful success stories await. 

Have a beautiful Tuesday everyone!