How many times have you looked in your closet and thought, how could I have this many clothes and still not know what to wear?  If the answer is more than the number of fingers you have on that hand you have raised then you want to keep reading…

Whenever I feel like I have more clothes than outfit options the reason is often that the items were impulse buys that are not mix and match friendly or, more likely, I'm just not approaching the day from a fresh point of view.  Either way, the solution is always simple.  Take your perspective a little left of center and begin mixing and matching in unexpected ways.

As simple as it seems, if you're not wearing a dress, jumpsuit or other similar version of a one piece, then it really is all about tops and bottoms.  Modern prints, trending textures and fresh fabrics make for perfect playmates when wanting to get more mileage out of your closet.  Simple staples like chambray and silk effortlessly combine to dress a look up or relax it down.  Try something unthought of like these cute floral silk shorts alongside this easy chambray top and a fun pair of d'Orsay flats.  Another new school way to go?  Take a feminine flowing midi and top it with an easy fitting eyelet sweatshirt and boldly printed flats.  Voila!  A fresh new look begets an inspired attitude which always leads to a great day.  

Ready to see your style with a brand new pair of eyes?  Me too!  Let's bring it….have a wonderful Wednesday!