Chic Beauty: Laura Mercier

Do you ever wonder, is it really possible to achieve that beautiful 'flawless skin finish' look you see gorgeous women wearing on the pages of your favorite glossy?  While yes, we know that's the obvious workings of airbrush magic at its best, that beautiful, fresh finish can be your real-life look in four simple steps.  With her Four Steps to Flawless technique, Laura Mercier makes it something every woman can enjoy with ease.  Here's what you'll need:

Your last step after skincare and first step before applying makeup should always be to apply a primer.  Laura's Foundation Primer sets the stage for keeping makeup right where you put it.  By providing a barrier between creams and lotions and foundation and concealer, your makeup adheres to a smooth surface, never vanishing by lunch and instead lasting long into the night.

Foundation is no longer about a face full of mask-like coverage.  Quite on the contrary, this step is intended to even out your skin tone, while imparting balance and evenness, which is the basis for a youthful glow.  Mercier's Silk Creme Foundation does just that by perfecting what mother nature gave you while effortlessly blurring out imperfections.

Just as it is your foundation's job to even and perfect your skin tone, it is your concealer's duty to brighten and lighten.  No longer reserved for the sole purpose of covering blemishes, today's concealers can beautifully lift your features and bring forward what you love best.   Concentrate on applying this one pot wonder to the middle of the forehead, corners of the nose and mouth and middle of the chin.  Be sure to use the triangle method as shown and explain in this previous post, to properly highlight the area under the eye.

Once you've completed these three simple steps, it's time to set them in place and keep your look fresh. A quick dusting of this fabulous translucent setting powder will perfectly do the trick.  Using a large round powder brush, dip, tap and swirl the soft focus finish maker over the temples, across the cheeks and down the bridge of your nose to lock the look in place.  

And that's it.  It really is as easy as that to create a beautiful canvas.  From there, you can add eyeshadow and blush color, depending on your preference or need that day.  No matter, these four steps will have you looking your beautiful best.

Have a gorgeous Wednesday!