Dainty Jewels

While it certainly is trending right now, dainty jewelry has always been a personal favorite of mine.  From finely crafted necklaces to delicate rings, the options are endless and choices, pretty and plenty.  Writing this post, I have a happy story to share.

In a rush to get out the door, (you know, that inadvertent moment when you just need to quickly add a little something to your look) I just had to add a certain necklace to my outfit.  Yes, it was late but if you are the girl I think you are, then you completely understand me.  Ok, so as hooks and clasps aren't always my forte, I hastily threw it on (yes, nearly literally) and dashed out the door.  Going about my day, I never gave the little necklace another thought until...I went to reach for it late that afternoon only  to feel it...missing.  With both hands now searching my neckline, in a bit of a panic I realized, it wasn't  there.  Noooo!  But sadly, yes, the dainty and beloved side cross necklace was gone.  Thinking (ok, hoping) it had gotten caught up in my clothing or hair somehow, I began the search.  Despite my best efforts, it was nowhere to be found.   I began retracing my steps that day and even called a few places I had stopped to see if just maybe it had been found and turned in.  Again, no.  So, with little else I could productively do, I decided that while yes, it was one of my most favorite necklaces, if it was meant to turn up again it would.  A few days went by and I occasionally glanced at the ground thinking about my missing adornment.  Several friends assured me that, you never know, you might find it somehow.  Then, on the next day, I remembered my mom once telling me that when something is lost, say a little prayer to St. Anthony and maybe it will be found.  So, that's what I did.  Later that day, my mother and I were together having lunch. She says to me, "You never found your necklace".  Beginning to answer her, I turned and looked down at the ground.  Something caught my eye.  I walked over to get a closer look and, there it was.  My necklace had found its way back to me.

Needless to say, I was happy, relieved and blissfully grateful all at once.  I guess it goes to show that a little faith goes a long way.  I hope this little anecdote gives you a bit of hope and inspiration along this incredible and wonderful journey we call life.  You never know when your own little miracle will happen...

Have a fabulous Friday and delightful weekend!

TWO: C.Wonder Knot bracelet/C. Wonder Arrow bracelet/C. Wonder Open Heart bracelet

THREE:  Megan Thorne Peek-a-Boo stud earring

FOUR:  BaubleBar Triant Pendant/Finn Minor Obsession Sparkle Star and Anchor necklace/BaubleBar Estrella Pendant

FIVE:  Dogeared Star ring/Mociun Square ring/Roberto Marroni Gold and Brown Diamond ring