Photo Credits: le catch, The RealReal. Style Saint

So there you have it, the four fast ways to getting dressed in a hurry and still look amazing.  Ideally, the formula is simple:

1.  Start with a simple and easy to style piece.
2.  Add in a fun bit of color or interest via a great accessory.
3.  Choose a few eye-catching jewelry pieces.
4.  Polish off the look with a tailored yet glamorous handbag or tote.

This plan is so easy to follow and easy to love.  The best part is that with a few quick changes, you can use these steps anytime, all year round.  When cooler weather soon arrives, trade the idea of a romper in for a solid sheath dress you can layer or a cozy tunic and slim leggings.  Cotton scarves can quickly be replaced with warmer knit versions.  Your jewelry closet will easily work wonders for you every season while your statement bag du jour can effortlessly accent almost any look, especially if you've invested in a delicious caramel or bold (think orange or crimson) tone.  Here's a quick snapshot of a look that will always work along with a few more favorite shopping options:


ROMPER // SCARF // BRACELET // BAG    Other styles seen in this post:


I hope these quick tips get your day off to a beautiful start, as we all love to be able to say, "Today's going to be an amazing day because I love my outfit!".  Have a wonderful Monday!