Lilly Pulitzer: A Life Lived COLORFULLY

Every true American prepster has an affinity for the iconic lifestyle brand known simply as, "Lilly".  Born Lillian Lee McKim, she later became known as Lilly Pulitzer aka "The Queen of Preppy".  The story of how the lovely line began is quite endearing.  Shortly following her marriage to Peter Pulitzer, the owner of Florida citrus groves, Lilly opened a juice stand of her own.  Through her work, she found that juice squeezing was less than friendly to her wardrobe.  In an effort to mask the juice stains, she created what is now a classic shift dress designed in her trademark cheerful flower print cotton.  The look caught on with customers who frequented her stand.  Alas, she created dresses for them and it wasn't long before the frocks outsold the fresh-squeezed and her "Lillys" were born.

Today, her name is synonymous with all things summer, southern, sorority and signature style.  With seventy-five Lilly Pulitzer signature stores, her name and line live on.  Personally, I cannot thank her enough for all the beautiful designs and sheer inspiration she has given to the fashion world.  Lilly is a true trailblazer who has led the way for feminine style.  Thank you Ms. Pulitzer, we love you and your life lived COLORFULLY.

Photos courtesy of Lily Pulitzer

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday!