Beauty BUZZ: How to Apply Concealer

Have you ever tried to cover up sleep-deprived dark circles only to be left thinking you now look like a raccoon?  Well, don't toss that creamy cover-up just yet.  It could be the way you're applying it.  Skip the traditional half-moon under eye smile and try using a triangle shape instead.  Here's how:

Simply draw a line down from the inner corner of the eye to the bottom of your nose.  Next, extend that line up from the nose over to the outer edge corner of the eye and back underneath the eye to your starting point.  Once this outline is drawn, fill it in with a tiny bit more concealer and blend carefully.  By doing it this way, you beautifully lift and lighten the entire under eye area while adding youthfulness to the entire face.  

Some of my favorite go-to quick concealing favorites are:

BOBBI BROWN Corrector and Concealer
Laura Geller Under Eye Spackle
Chantecaille 'Total' Concealer {bonus: this one works beautifully on all areas of the face}

I hope you try this tip and let me know if you love it as much as I do.  

Have a lovely Monday and, as always, thanks for reading!