BOBBI BROWN Spring Florals 2013

It's certainly no secret that I am a huge fan of makeup maven Bobbi Brown and there's an ever-growing number of reasons why this is so.  Just when you think that she couldn't come up with another tip, trick or tool to help women discover their own unique beauty, she comes up with all of these wrapped up in a simple yet satisfying palette or kit.  Today's post is dedicated to these very such items so beautifully named The Lilac Rose Collection and a few complementary pieces to round out the bouquet.  

Several of these pretties are LIMITED EDITION pieces so if you know you want it or love it, best to get it while you can.

LIMITED EDITION LILAC ROSE EYE PALETTE:  Gorgeous colors every woman can wear.  Dusty done right, these pink, heather greys and lily shades translate beautifully onto all skin tones.

SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE DUO WITH MINI BRUSH:  The go-to concealer of Bobbi's devotees, this powerful pair cancels darkness and brings forth light for that highly coveted, well-rested look.  Complete with this mini brush, the two color duo let's you blend your way to beautiful.

BOBBI'S BASICS:  Described as "a curated collection of Bobbi's favorite products and most timeless shades" this set is a staple for every woman's makeup drawer.  Complete with color-coordinated shades, a mini  shadow liner brush, pot rouge and Bobbi's best-selling mascara and gloss, this set is hard to pass up.

LIMITED EDITION LILAC ROSE SHIMMER BRICK AND LIP GLOSS:  Sorbet shades of pink embracing golden, shimmery and bright, this shimmer brick brings skin to life, infusing it with that gorgeous and ethereal lit from within glow.  Skin that radiates health is perfectly paired with a softening gloss that works both on bare lips as well as over your favorite lip color.  Another double duty beauty...her shimmer brick works flawlessly as an eyeshadow as well when individual bars are applied to the eyes.  Simple and beautiful.

With beauty picks like these, it can't help but be a lovely Monday.  Love to hear what your faves are.  Thanks so much for reading!