What Your Skin Needs Now

Ever walk into a beauty megastore {or even the local drugstore for that matter} and feel completely overwhelmed by the seemingly endless array of skincare choices available?  Certainly, you are not alone.  Lotions, oils, creams, serums....what do you really need and where does one even begin?

You can begin right here with these four simple steps that your skin needs now.  Make these easy to follow guidelines part of your daily routine and get ready to glow!

1. NOURISHING CLEANSER:  The first step in any skincare routine is careful cleansing.  Today's store shelves are stocked with choices for what seems like every skin type out there, oily, aged, breakout prone and highly sensitive, just to name a few.  While skin types can vary, there is one thing that is true for all of them, and that is the need to protect the natural skin barrier while replenishing essential lipids necessary for proper skin functioning.  So many of the problems our skin arrives at are often caused by unintentional striping and consequential imbalances resulting in irritation, breakouts and surface dryness.  The daily use of a nourishing cleanser, rich in essential oils, can bring balance, harmony and calmness to overworked skin.  A great all natural choice that I cannot live without is Josie Maran's Argan Cleansing Oil.  It leaves skin soft, supple and begging to be touched.

2.  REPARATIVE SERUM:  Over time, the elements of nature and the natural aging process can cause our skin to lose its firmness and its lustre.  Cell turnover rates decrease and in their wake lie wrinkles and sagging, neither of which we ever want to entertain.  With today's amazing skincare innovations, we may never have to.  Serums are your skin's salvation and, in a sense, a fountain of youth.  After you wash, you want to pump in all the vitamins and healthy skin helpers your skin craves.    Look for serums containing peptides, retinol, anti-oxidants {think vitamin C} and gentle acids designed to repair, rejuvenate and protect your skin from further damage from environmental stressors like sun, wind and pollution.  Some good choices to try include those by Dr. Dennis Gross, Perricone MD and Ole Henriksen.

3.  HYDRATING CREAM:  Once you have fed your skin what it needs, be sure to seal in all that goodness by using a hydrating cream designed to increase moisture retention and keep your skin supple.  You can easily find a wonderful variety of natural choices as well as those that have science on their side.  Philosophy, Algenist and Fresh all offer luxurious choices that your skin will thank you for in the future.

4.  PROTECTIVE SUNSCREEN:  Don't let your excellent skincare efforts go to waste by stepping out without sunscreen.  No longer a summertime staple, sunscreen is a must wear item 365 days a year.  If you can see what's in front of you it is because there is light and that light contains damaging rays that are endlessly aging your skin.  Protect your complexion with an SPF that shields against both UVA and UVB rays all year long.  Aim for one that has an SPF of at least 30 or higher.  Some of my favorites are these makeup friendly finds that get the job done without a hint of greasiness and no tell tale coconut scent {unless you want it of course!}  Try Clinique, Strivectin and Shiseido for rave-worthy results.

By just following through with these easy to manage steps you can improve, protect and preserve your skin for many beautiful years to come.  Now that's definitely worth your time.

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday and, as always, thanks for reading!!