USER'S GUIDE: Easy Spring Beauty Tips and Tricks

Beauty is always such a personal thing.  One girl's must have is another's take it or leave it.  There is one thing we can all likely agree upon though and that's the fact that no matter the routine, we want to keep it SIMPLE.  If that's you, then these quick picks from makeup guru Bobbi Brown are most definitely worth your time.  Don't's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1: SKIN  Meet the new do-it all wonder product, meet BB Cream.  Beauty Balms are back and bringing with them everything the modern girl needs.  Skin soothing nutrients, hydrating properties and yes, SPF all in one swipe.  {Ahhh, the sound of that collective "yes, finally!"is echoing far and wide.}  Bobbi's BB Cream SPF 35 is the perfect no makeup makeup.  With shades to complement every tone, simply swipe and go...

On to this most cleverly crafted concealer.  As a mostly self-proclaimed queen of the concealer quest, I finally found the one that works!  Done as a duo combining a corrector {to fix dark circles} and a concealer {to then lighten and brighten} these two dream creams work together to give that perfect "8 hours of sleep" look in less than 60 seconds.  Not bad, I say!

2:  EYES  If there's one thing that is attractive on everyone, it's an enhanced lashline and lifted brow.  This eye-opening effect is so, so easy to achieve with three simple products...gel liner, light shimmery shadow and a black mascara.  Even if you are a fair-haired beauty, dark mascara can work wonderfully and, despite perceptions, gel liner is effortlessly simple.

  Get the job done easily by lining the top inner lid, gliding a wash of eyeshadow over the lid and coating your lashes with a few clump free swipes of mascara.  Wide-eyed and wonderful!

3: LIPS & CHEEKS:  Few things are better in the beauty world than products that do double duty.  Pot rouge is one of those very products.  Packaged in a small pot, this lip and cheek stain is pure genius.  And, you don't even need a brush, as your fingers are your best tools.  Dab some color onto the apples of your cheeks and on your lips.  Blend. Blot. Done.

Beauty made simple and as easy as 1...2...3.