An Organized Office Space

Happy Monday!  Wouldn't it be heavenly to ease into the work week surrounded by all things lovely in your very own office that so beautifully depicts every inch of your personal passion and style?  I think so.  Here are a few ideas and inspirations to get you started...

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place:  Don't let clutter and chaos overtake your creative workspace.  Use clear glass cubes to hold your pens, pencils and various other office must-haves and keep them at your fingertips.  A small vase filled with your favorite fresh flowers is another oh-so delightful way to bring a smile to your face and remind you of all the beauty and vitality you have at your disposal.  Finally, the lusciousness of a wonderfully scented candle can do wonders to elevate your body, mind and spirit which is perfect for productivity.

Office Chic:  Just as you love to accessorize your outfit, you will also adore these chic little office adornments.  Pop-of-color pens, lucite post-it cubes and polka-dot organizing folders are so darn cute and make color-coding and categorizing effortless and simple.

Stylish Supplies:  From to-do lists to push pins, these stylish supplies have it covered.  With options that coordinate with nearly every office style imaginable, there's no reason to not make work that much more enjoyable.  You might even find yourself wanting a few extras just because they are so playful and fun.

So, here's to hoping that this leaves you feeling inspired to refresh your desk and office as you boldly pursue those new year's goals.  Wishing you a lovely Monday and thanks for reading!



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