The Resourceful Beauty's 5 Must Haves

Due to super storm Sandy, so many of us have found ourselves becoming quite resourceful when it comes to our once luxurious beauty routines.  Well, if you have found yourself in need of some way to keep it together, here are five of the quick fixes I've turned with surprisingly great results.

1.  When hot water and soap (not to mention your beloved Clarisonic!) are no where to be found, these Josie Maran wipes will take the day off and leave behind a soft, satiny cushion your skin will love.

2.  Dry shampoo is a long time favorite of nearly any hair guru you might meet and after trying this one by Salon Grafix, it's no wonder why.  Not only does this spray cleanse and refresh your style without any telltale residue, it also adds such texture and shine that you'll want to use it daily no matter what.

3.  Once again, Josie Maran comes to the beauty rescue.  Her argan oil color stick is the perfect do-it-all product that is convenient and good for your glow as well.  Dab a bit on to your cheeks for a fast flush and swipe it over lips for some color and cushion.  Voila, you're ready to go.

4.  Moisturizing is essential on a daily basis.  If you find yourself in need of hydration, check the kitchen cabinet.  Olive oil is a great source of moisture for the hands, skin and hair.  This is a tried and true way to stay supple for so few dollars.  Be sure to indulge in this easy find.

5.  On those days when you need a hair intervention and nothing seems to help, the easiest go-to is the undo.  Messy bun, sleek pony or chic sock bun...each one is easily achievable.  The Conair Hype Hair Bundle  and Goody Ouchless Hair Elastics make each one simple.  Wrap, twist and go.

So those are my top five faves that will help you weather any storm.  Hopefully, however, there won't be a need but simply a desire to try them out.  Here's to a bright and sunny road ahead!