Sweater Girls

  With the arrival of October comes the greatest styling options of all, the sweater and with fall's chill brings the styling thrill of how to next wear those cozy stars of the season.  From one year to the next, this long loved piece is always a stylish staple for me and this time out is certainly no exception.  Animal prints to fair isles, jewel tones to dresses, sweaters are wardrobe workhorses that can effortlessly carry you from day to night as well as from work day to weekend.
Some of my own favorite ways to work these gems is to layer them over everything - think lighter fabric dresses, skinny jeans and preppy blouses or under anything - go for turtleneck types beneath a blazer, slim jacket or a soft fur vest.  Another truly feminine option is to don a sweater dress, solid, striped or patterned print depending upon your personal preference.  This is a great look for day or night and can easily move from casual look to date night ready with a simple change of footwear and tights.
What really makes for a stylish standout this season, is choosing any of these sweater styles mentioned in an array of those gorgeous jewel tone colors.  Much like the past season that was once warm, airy and light and has now become chipper and crisp, so too have the colors evolved from pastel pretties to rich vibrant hues.  Golds, teals, rubies and jades captivate the scene now and can effortlessly give an instant lift to your cashmere cozies making them and you oh so of-the-moment.

Have a favorite way to style your go-to sweater girl look?  Please send them to chic Saturday, I'd love to feature you here.

Thanks for reading....have a beautiful Tuesday!