Organize Your Bag...Organize Your Life

Imagine how much simpler, easier and more blissful your life would be if you could open your bag and yes, actually find what it is you're searching for.  It is quite a calming thought.  Well, it can easily become a wonderful reality with these easy (not to mention hopelessly glam) little fixes.  Let's take a peek...

1. A Great Beauty Bag ~ Stash all of your make-up must haves in an adorable little keeper like this one by Marc Jacobs.  Perfect for those touch ups throughout the day, this bag keeps your lipstick, powder, roll-on perfume, nail file and whatever else you may need ready to grab whenever you need to.  The pattern print is not only adorable but the fabric washes up in a cinch.

2. A Chic Coin Purse ~ For those of us who actually still carry cash, a small coin purse is the perfect choice.  This patent leather option, by the ever ladylike Kate Spade, is a sweet choice for keeping cash and change at the ready.

3.  A Mini Zip Around ~ For many of us today, plastic trumps paper as bank cards, credit cards and gift cards take us through our daily errands.  Keep them all, along with your driver's license, in a convenient, smaller sized version of the zip-around wallet.  It takes up less space and keeps all your cards in one specific spot.

4.  A Playful Cell Phone Cover ~ Ok, so this one is less about organization and more about sheer fashion fun.  These adorable covers featuring the Bendel girls are just to cute to pass up!

5. & 6.  Everyday Sunnies and a Pebbled Leather Case ~ Not only will you always know right where to find them, but you will also keep your glasses scratch and smudge free in this cool little case.

7.  A Compact To Go ~ No one wants be caught with mascara smudges or lipstick on their teeth.  Keep those pesky problems at bay by having one of these irresistible initial compacts in your bag for quick fix ups on the go.

Now, just toss these must-haves in your bag and you're on your way.  I must say that I'm kind of coveting this Hermes beauty right here...ah, a girl can dream.

Thanks for reading...Here's to an effortlessly organized Friday!