Welcome back to Wedding Week by chic Saturday!  We've been having so much fun discovering the many beautiful options available for brides today.  Now, it is time to shop styles and talk the trends for bridesmaids dresses. 

When it comes to the options available, I'm so happy to say ~ the choices are absolutely amazing.  Gone are the days of the dreaded bridesmaids gown, far too hideous to ever, ever take out again.  Much to the contrary, the dresses found here are stylish, sweet and simple when called for.  Most importantly, they can take you many places.  So, if you find yourself "always a bridesmaid, never a bride", take heart....this one's for you.

Make Me Blush

These ultra feminine soft blush hues are flattering on all skin tones and certainly don't lack variety when it comes to style.  Longer, shorter and somewhere comfortably in between, dresses like these have taken over the wedding spotlight.  These hues all work so beautifully and effortlessly together that I would venture to say, you could easily incorporate all of them into one gorgeous bridal party. 

Powdered Neutrals

Pale lavendar, soft peach, dusty lilac and champagne shades blend beautifully together again creating a unique array of color.  These colors here would mix and match in a lovely manner for all of your female attendants including, the mother of the bride.  I think the pop-of-color pump is a chic addition to this set as it subtly says "of the moment".

Sunkissed Shades

Continuing with the range of color theme, albeit with just a slight departure, this selection of cheery citrus tones is beautifully balanced by the one platinum piece.  These bright hues compliment each other as the gray neutral gracefully rounds out the look.

Theme Keepers


If one color, one style is more of what you're after then perhaps this strikes your fancy.  The soft overlay of fabric in this flattering shade is both romantic and elegant.

Watch Them Walk Away

One last item to point out....the power of the shoe.  As we all know, shoes can make an outfit.  Why shouldn't that be the case for your girls at your wedding as well?  Pink peeks out playfully here as a nod to the great Louboutin.  Just thought I'd give you some other details to consider while making your selections.....happy shopping!

Sneak Peek....Coming Up Next Time  ~  The Dress