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Summer days spent at the beach are one way to get glowing but there are also so many great beauty items that can do it for you too. When seeking to create tousled tresses and sun-kissed skin, as featured here on Minka Kelly, summer beauty essentials can help you get the job done right. Plus, not only is it fun to play around with all these products but it's also a whole lot better for the overall health and appearance of your hair and skin.

Let's take a look at some of my go-tos featured here....

::mineral powder:: Whether you stick with an original like the bare minerals one featured here or choose from the numerous new choices hitting the market, I think you'll find them a refreshing change. The lighter than air formula is easily build-able and blendable and leaves your skin able to breathe. This combined with the protection power of an SPF makes it easy to see why this is a popular warm weather choice.

::blush:: This one product that can really wake up your look. In the summertime, you can use your blusher to achieve that sun-kissed look by taking it beyond just the cheeks and lightly applying it to the bridge of the nose, tip of your chin and across the forehead.  The key is to go lightly as you warm up these points that the sun naturally touches.

::highlighter::  When you want to add a bit more radiance to your face, highlighter can easily get that job done.  With a soft dab you can accentuate your features by applying it to the top of your cheek bones.  Since it is lighter than concealer, highlighter can brighten you up without a heavy feel.

::shadow::  The look featured here really uses neutral palettes to enhance natural beauty.  We all have it, so let it show!  Colors like sand and stone can bring out the beauty of all eye colors and never look harsh or overdone.  The thing to remember is to blend, blend, blend!

::liquid liner::  It almost sounds counter intuitive but the reality is that liquid liner can produce a beautiful, defined line using waterproof formulas that really stay put through heat, humidity and summer rain showers.What's also nice is that lines can be drawn to be thin or wide depending upon your preference and the look you want use to most compliment your eye or suit your mood.

::mascara::  To finish off those beautiful eyes you just created, you must swipe on a coat of mascara.  With the number of choices available, finding just one can be a challenge at times.  For me, I always choose one that will lengthen and separate.  If you want more volume or curl those options are plenty as well.  One rule I always follow - I always choose black.   Not only will it open those peepers up, it will work with that gliding liner to really create a lush, feathery lash line.  Who can resist that?  
::lip color, gloss & liner::  Your lips are a main focal point of your face and benefit greatly from just a bit of TLC and attention to detail.  This can be easily achieve with the use of a liner to define, a dab of color to warm your look and a swish of gloss to
give the appearance of fullness as well as keep your lips petal soft all summer long.  As an added benefit, look for an SPF added to the formula to help shield tender lips from hot summer sun.

::texturizer & a great brush::  In the world of hair care the possibilities are absolutely endless!  From budget buys to salon selected products, there really is something for everyone.  Two of my favorites for summer are wave inducing styling spray and a natural bristle brush.  The first keeps me from having to rely too much upon heat styling to achieve beachy waves and the second treats hair gently as it smooths the hair as you use it, keeping pulling and damage at bay.

And there you have it.  Why not give some of these summer beauty ideas a try.  I think your hair and skin will thank you.  If you have some tips and tricks of your own, I'd love to hear about them! 

Happy almost summer!