We know we've all done it....overworked our tresses via the blow dryer, flat iron, hot rollers, etc. all in an effort to achieve beautiful hair.  The problem is all these tools take a serious toll on our hair.  The result?  Less than lustrous locks.  Well good news!  I found a simple and inexpensive solution.  While yes, I've bought, tried and tested what seems like nearly every hair repair product out there you'll never believe what works best.........

     Ta Da!  It's none other than olive oil!  While I've heard about homemade kitchen remedies before, I never felt they were going to be worth a try.  Wow was I wrong!  So simple and easy, it almost feels too good to be true.  Simply take anywhere from a tablespoon (shorter hair) to a quarter cup (very long hair) and work it into the ends of your hair (dry).  The extra can be combed through the middle and maybe even massage a little into your scalp if you're super dry.  Toss it up in a bun and let those healthy oils restore your tired strands overnight.  The results?  Shiny manageable lustrous locks.  Who knew? 
     Here's another little secret.  I've even been known to now rub a drop or two into my nails and cuticles.  Soft hydrated nails and super shiny hair...let's get into the kitchen!

Here's to the beauty in you!