If you've never had the joy of experiencing C Wonder, run don't walk to the nearest locale you can find.  Founded by Chris Burch (yes, Tory's ex), this preppy powerhouse offers all the things we love Tory for and then some.  As if that wasn't amazing enough in itself, the price points here are also typically about a third of that of his former love.  Take a peek at some of these amazing photos and I guarantee you'll want to check it out in person....soon!

Color, color and more beautiful color!  From the moment you step into this shopping paradise, you are imersed in bright, happy hues that are ready to accompany you upon all your summer adventures.  Let's shop!

If you love accessories (and honestly, who doesn't?), then this section of the store is for you.  Not only will you find all the necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings you could want, you will also be able to pick out pieces to adorn your home as well.  Pop-of-color pillows, fantastic frames and chic stationery are among some of the well-priced and hard to make choices.

As the sign suggests, this is where you go to personalize your favorite new finds.  I am a huge fan of monogramming, so I absolutely love this option.  Besides just having the typical mongrammed shirt, C Wonder offers you the chance to scribe your initials on your makeup case, summer tote and (the one I can't resist) your ipad case.  Love!!!

The photos shown here are from the brand new pop-up store that will be open this summer in Southampton, NY.  With that, the added touches of nautical are perfectly placed.

all images courtesy of C Wonder

Here's a run down of some of the fun events that will be happening there this May and June.  If you have the chance to stop in and check it out, you and your closet will be so happy that you did.