Think of how much you can (and often do!) spend on your clothes. If you're anything like me, you might wear some of your favorite pieces only four or five times in a season - after all, there are just so so many cute must-haves! Given that, the price per wear is not always so flattering. When it comes to beauty products and purchases, however, you know you wear your face everyday. With a couple of worthy investments and the option to mix and match price points on other items, you can effortlessly create an easy to follow beauty routine and look radiant while doing it. Stick to these five essential steps and watch your skin begin to glow.

STEP 1: Cleanse ~ in order for any of the other steps to work effectively,
you need to thoroughly cleanse and routinely exfoliate. Otherwise, the
additional products you apply will not be able to reach skin layers below.  Clarisonic
makes this amazing cleansing brush.  Pair it with your favorite cleanser and
 you'll never want to go a day without that fresh clean skin feeling.

STEP 2:  Exfoliate ~ once your skin has been cleansed it needs to release those
stubborn skin cells that are still hanging on, causing your complexion to look dull. 
There are so many great exfoliators out on the market today.  One that I really like is
this one by Peter Thomas Roth.  The natural plant extracts and gentle acids loosen dry flakes
leaving you with the smoothest, softest skin you recall in years.

STEP 3:  Treat ~ now that you have a fresh canvas that is ready to receive some
much needed vitamins and hydraters, be sure to give your skin a daily dose of
goodness by using a treatment pad.  Again, there are numerous options to choose
from but I always like to pick one that fortifies the skin with essential nutrients and replenishers.  I tend to go for those
that pack a punch and give my skin a boost.  These bare minerals Intensive Glow Pads contain
 an Active Soil Complex at returning radiance to your skin.  They also use gentle acids and
 fruit extracts to keep your skin cell turnover rate high thus leaving you with that beautiful
 glow we all covet.

STEP 4:   Correct & Protect ~ as time goes by the effects of day to day fun take a toll on our
skin.  Whether it's free radicals found in the environment or simply forgetting to religiously apply
 sunscreen, our skin shows the signs. Not to worry, a peptide-rich hydrating serum is the answer. The collagen-boosting properties of these little age fighters help build your skin back up from the inside out. I particularly like this one by Kate Sommervile that contains both clock reversing peptides as well as moisture boosting hyalauronic acid.

STEP 5: Hydrate ~ once you've cared for your skin with the four steps above, it's time to seal in all that nourishing goodness with a skin-loving moisturizer. Depending upon your skin type and formula preference, there are multiple ways to go. While lotions are more popular with oil-prone users, I tend to prefer the cushiony softness you get from a cream. When it comes to selecting a moisturizer, price doesn't need to play a huge role. If you routinely follow the four steps above and are benefitting from their effects, then your moisturizer will serve as a compliment to those, sealing in their properties. One final note to mention....always, always go for the addition of an SPF during the daytime. Think of it as a protective cover-up shielding your skin from the sun's damaging rays while it keeps you looking radiant.

Hope you enjoy this five step routine. Follow it daily and you'll quickly see its glowing results. Have a beautiful weekend!