Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Body, Mind & Soul

Every January is filled with new goals and many of them are often fitness related.  For me, daily workouts are a favorite indulgence.  Barre class, hot yoga and spin are three of my favorites.  I love that they each do different things for your body {think lengthen, strengthen and make you oh so flexible}.  Besides that, each one feels so good and leaves me feeling energized and ready for what the day holds. Now, knowing how much I love styling outfits and finding pieces I feel reflect my personality, it would be dishonest to say that cute workout clothes don't make workouts more fun.  These yoga pants are the right mix of comfort and function and look great on.  Also loving this pair.  This quarter zip pullover keeps me warm on the way to the gym and works on non-gym days as well.  Invest in a good yoga mat and water bottle and toss them in the back of your car - instant motivation to not miss class.  Still, if getting your sweat on just isn't for you, this cozy post yoga wrap looks great paired with leggings and a cup of hot cocoa anytime.  Instant bliss…

Hope you're having a wonderful week back at work!

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